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Roots of Peace Be Kind Pocket Tee

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Be Kind pocket tee, a staple in any wardrobe and incredibly comfortable. This "Be Kind" tee speaks  a message that can be a reminder to all and a theme to represent one's life. The back image of this tee called "Roots of Peace" - The root of peace is knowledge, with knowledge gives you perspectives. The more perspectives you gain, the more peaceful you become. By understanding another person's perspective you are opening a dimension in your mind. One you could not access earlier due to the lack of knowledge that it existed.

We feel the world around us differently based on what we have experienced. So I thought to myself if I could create one symbol that would be a reminder to myself, and a symbol of smiles and hope for those who happened upon it, this was it. With Perspective we unlock new dimensions in our minds. 

That in turn, grows and creates the peace of knowledge.  Its YOUR peace to be mindful of. No one can ever take that from you.

Details & Care:

  • 100% Cotton
  • Basic Tee Fit 


Care Instructions

Machine wash inside out in cold water and tumble dry low.